CCOA Board Members, 2020

Lorrie Hoak
Beverly Kidder
Kathi Liberman
Peaches Quinn, President
Cynthia Resto
Marlene Schempp, Treasurer

Board Role and Responsibilities
The Connecticut Coalition on Aging (CCOA) has, for more than 40 years, been a high profile, statewide advocacy and education resource representing the interests and concerns of CT’s aging residents, particularly the frail elderly. Its longevity is owing in full measure to the passion and determination of its volunteer Board members who, past and present, steer the organization toward new strategies for meeting its goals. Board members:

– Advance the Coalition’s mission: serve as advocates and ambassadors for the Coalition with citizen, political and professional groups;

– Help develop and build upon current organization assets: demonstrate the Coalition’s value to all target groups, specifically older adults, frail elderly, family caregivers, legislators, policy makers and service providers;

– Assist the work of the Coalition: keep abreast of General Assembly activity and the status of bills of interest; produce legislative notices and related education material; collect data on studies and research related to topics of concern; actively participate on a Coalition committee;

– Help conduct public surveys/collect feedback from older adults; analyze responses and communicate results.

– Participate in the design, planning, and production of the Coalition’s annual statewide education event, ”The Carlson Forum”, designed to educate the public on new community models and innovative policies and programs;

– Help the Coalition find funding opportunities: Work with Board member colleagues to advance the Coalition’s effectiveness, grow its resources and assure its long term sustainability;

– Help CCOA make decisions in the best interest of the organization: assure CCOA obeys applicable laws and acts in accordance with ethical practices; that CCOA adheres to its stated purpose, and supports activities which advance its mission.

Committee Information

Nominating Committee: 
The Nominating committee is appointed by the Board of Directors. This committee is prepared to meet any time during the year to address officer vacancies. The nominating committee recommends a slate of officers and directors to be elected at the Annual Meeting.

Program Committee:
This committee is responsible for events and forums through the calendar year. They decide program topics, suggest possible speakers, plan locations. They also direct content particularly of the annual Carlson Forum and Annual Meeting, including recognition of awardees.

Communications Committee:
This committee is focused on coalition visablity and outreach along with the publication of educational news and topics.  Responsibilities include updating the CCOA website, social media, and advocacy material as needed.

Legislative Committee(Capital Corps):
This committee, with support of all board members, moniter legislative activity, provide testimony, and advocacy related to all matters of concern to Connecticuts older citizens.