The Connecticut Coalition on Aging stands united with anti-racist individuals and groups who are peacefully protesting appalling, violent acts by law enforcement against persons of color. We support meaningful and systemic change to policing practices which emphasize respect for human life. We are committed to representing the concerns of older adults who have suffered lifelong discrimination by working to assure CT’s policies, programs and services and laws its legislature enacts are socially just. In solidarity we seek a time of certainty for older adults of color so they and generations of children to follow are protected and safe from the physical and mental effects of prejudice and hate.

CCOA July 2020 Town Hall Meeting

On July 17,  CCOA held its first state wide Town Hall meeting to listen to older adults talk about the effect of isolation during this COVID pandemic. Sixty-seven people called in. Click on the graphs below to review the results of a survey completed during the town hall meeting.